Stop Thermageddon in our lifetime!
On December 10, 2002, by a vote of 195 to 77, the Canadian House of Commons endorsed the Kyoto climate change agreement. This will dramatically change the way Canadians live, work and travel over the next five years. It's a great day for the environment and a great day for the futute of our kids," said Prime Minister Jean Chretien. The signed document was carried to New York for delivery to the United Nations by Environment Minister David Anderson on December 16.

The plan will require industry and consumers to reduce their existing greenhouse gas emissions by around 20 percent by the year 2007. By 2012, there will be further cuts, bringing the percentage reduction to 30 percent.

This may seem to some as drastic, but in reality, more reductions will be necessary in the future, and to do nothing is to invite a disaster of unimaginable proportions. The consequences of global warming include more droughts and heat waves, more severe storms, drying lakes, rising sea levels and the movement of tropical pests and diseases to northern latitudes. At the rate we're releasing CO2 and other gasses into the atmosphere, the arctic ice cap will be gone by the year 2050. To quote Martin Burger of
Blue Energy Canada,  "every tank of gas burnt in your SUV directly melts some 136 cubic feet of reflecting cooling mirror."  That's like two huge blocks of ice the size of refrigerators.

Canada has set a proud example for all other nations. The steps we have taken here will surely inspire the citizens of other countries to demand that their governments, if they have not already done so, ratify the Kyoto Accord as soon as possible. In the meantime, there is much we as individuals can do, beginning with learning as much as we can about the complex but fascinating subject of climate change.

For a good read, check out
2030: Confronting Thermageddon in Our Lifetime, by Robert Hunter, published in Canada by McClelland and Stewart. This is the book I carried with me to Ottawa and presented to all the Members of Parliament this past summer. The paper back edition will appear in the Spring of 2003.

What you learn from this book will surely move you to make changes in your lives and call for your government to act to protect our children and grandchildren. Be sure you pass it on when you have finished it!
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Your thougth for today: If SUV's and minivans got 27.5 mpg, that would bring them into line with the standard for ordinary cars and would save the US a million barrels of oil a day — more than a third of what we now import from the Persian Gulf. Senators Diane Feistein and Olympia Snowe have sponsored a bill in the US Senate that would require this.
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